C&A – Inspiring Women

This was part of an exciting project for the C&A foundation, working across their offices worldwide, with major international women’s charities. We were contracted by Tonic Productions to make the film, working with Philanthropy Now.

“I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been getting great feedback on the film for Inspiring Women. You can see one comment from a staff member in Dhaka, Jackie the manager also loved it when she saw it… in Zurich, Leslie showed the video to a meeting of family members who responded with ‘resounding applause’….and these are just a couple of the comments! Thank you again for all your hard work on it !” – C&A Foundation

Shot and directed by Zan Barberton. Edited by Zan Barberton and Scott Radnor. Executive Producers: Tim Samuels and Gloria Abramoff of Tonic Media.