Out of the Blue: Talking about Maternal Mental Health

This is the first in a series of 8 films called “Out of the Blue” made with Heirloom media for charity Best Beginnings.  Zan filmed, directed and edited 3 of them.  The films allow ordinary men and women to speak openly about their experiences, breaking the silence and reducing stigma about Maternal Mental Health. They are now part of the “Head Together” campaign – and were launched by the Duchess of Cambridge (who said some very nice things about them).

Every film had to hit specific “learning points” and was viewed and reviewed by a whole team parents, frontline healthcare professionals, Royal Colleges and other professional bodies so that it would provide proper, medically-checked information. This was a slow (although worthwhile) process and meant that the project took around three years from start to finish – the gestation period of a baby elephant!

“Zan is a great all-rounder – a very capable producer and shoot-editor who can take a brief and really deliver it, even in challenging circumstances. She has the initiative and perseverance to make things happen, she immediately grasps the editorial needs of a project, and has a sound knowledge of camera and editing technologies. In short – if a piece of work is in Zan’s hands, I have peace of mind!” – Jacqui Smith, Heirloom Media.

Shot, directed and edited by Zan Barberton. Scripted and executive produced by Jacqui Smith, Heirloom Media.