“I have just watched the film and it moved me to tears. Wouldn’t change a frame.”

– Paul Twivy – Client

“Very good show indeed – possibly the best one ever!!! The saint story was amazing.”

– BBC Commissioning Editor Gerard Melling

“There’s a tremendous scene, filmed by Scott Radnor, when a TV reporter seems to be consumed by flame as she reports on the bacchae’s desert dances. Like all good productions of Euripides’s play, this one leaves you shaken and stirred.”

– The Guardian, June 2012

“Zan is a great all-rounder – a very capable producer and shoot-editor who can take a brief and really deliver it, even in challenging circumstances. She has the initiative and perseverance to make things happen, she immediately grasps the editorial needs of a project, and has a sound knowledge of camera and editing technologies. In short – if a piece of work is in Zan’s hands, I have peace of mind!”

– Jacqui Smith, Executive Producer, BBC Scotland

“She was utterly brilliant to work with and a joy – just gets on with it, great story teller and good energy!”

– Gloria Abramoff: Managing Director at Tonic Productions

“Zan is a self-shooting director and video editor with a strong sense of how to structure a story. She cares deeply about the people she is portraying in films she works on, gives projects her total commitment and is a delight to work with.”

– Paul Eedle: Former Director of Programmes at Al Jazeera English

Zan was a great help while at FoR, both finding stories and negotiating access to such delicate targets as a Shari’a Court. She’s bright, enthusiastic, resourceful and all round valuable team player.

– Roger Graef OBE: Former CEO at Films of Record, and all-round national treasure